Effective Curation Criteria Checklist – Development Reflection

When starting out our development process the first agreed upon task was to determine what platform we would be using to create the list together. It was quickly agreed upon to use Googe Docs (Google Drive) since we could all access it easily with our u.boisestate.edu email accounts (no need to create a new account for something) and it offers an easy centralized document editing ( we could all add and delete as needed or make comments). We then decided to start the development process by all coming up with our own lists of criteria and the references to go with them. This allowed us to read this weeks resources and research as our own schedules allowed. The plan after this phase was to then go in after an consolidate all similar ideas/concepts into a single list of referenced criteria. Once we had our separate lists in the single shared document Glori Hinck stepped up and did the major consolidation work. At that point the group as a whole worked on formatting and editing for a clean appearance with proper APA formatting. I learned that most web tools don’t allow for correct indenting of APA formatting. Daniel Oldham posted a link to our final list on the class Facebook to finish the assignment.Overall this was a smooth process and I think the members of my PLN all made great contributions.

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