Week 13 Reflection

Putting together the rough draft of my final project this week was a tough but enjoyable experience. I thought I had done a good job of creating all my previous weeks images to match up with the overall unit I had planned but there were still some challenges to be faced. I ended up actually not including a few of the images that I thought didn’t end up fitting into the lessons as well as I originally envisioned. What I realized is that I probably should have started crafting the site itself from the start of the semester rather than just a few weeks ago. That way I could have made sure the images and the web design complemented each other to a larger degree. The one thing I appreciated most about finalizing my unit this week was the realization of the important tools my other EDTECH courses have given me to create this final project. I have been so wrapped up with the image creation aspect so far in this course that it was a nice challenge to integrate those skills with other technology integration and pedagogy teachings.

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