Week 11 Reflection

I got a lot out of this week because understanding hierarchy is something I have always taken for granted. I feel that as a reader or consumer of learning I am good at following the intended flow of something. However, when put in the shoes of a designer you realize that all those times you consumed information in the correct order was because someone created it with that goal in mind. Your success as a learner or reader is due to the success of the designer. Like our text mentioned it would have been easy to crossover much of the hierarchy content into the selection or integration chapters. Yet when I look at how much new information was delivered I am glad that Lhor decided to keep hierarchy in its own chapter.  There is a lot of technique for creating organizational hierarchy that rely on what we learned in other chapters so I was glad to have gone through the CARP chapter before this one. It was nice to see CARP principles integrated into techniques to show hierarchy.

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