Week 9 Reflection

This week revealed to me just how important user feedback is when creating an instructional image. In past weeks I have found my users feedback helpful and that they improved my images, but this week was real proof of how our perception of our image can be tainted from the perspective of the creator. When I looked at my original image created this week I felt that it not only looked good but had characteristics of the 3c’s as well as good figure-ground balance. Each time I looked at the image my eye was drawn to things in the order I wanted my learners eyes to follow. So it came as quite a shock to me when my user test showed the opposite. The thing I wanted my learner to look at last was what caught my test subjects eye first. I feel that spending a few hours staring at the computer made me see what I wanted to see, and because I kept looking at my image the way I wanted a learner to view it came to the assumption they would do the same. This was a good experience to go through as it will instil in me that no matter how confident I am in my image it is tainted confidence. I truly need to have a second set of eyes to see what I may be subconsciously blind to.

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