Week 8 Reflection

When I read the description of this weeks assignment before starting the reading I had no idea of what image I was going to create. This was different than previous weeks where I sort of had a potential image mapped out in my head just by reading the assignment instructions. Once I saw the different examples presented in the chapter on CARP however, I knew exactly what image for my unit would best match up to the task at hand. I needed an image for my boating safety unit that showed the various types of personal flotation devices and described their purpose. Given that I had a group of 5 similar items to present in a single image the CARP principles were a perfect match to presenting them effectively. I was happy with my image because I actually got to use contrast, alignment, repetition, and proximity. There wasn’t one action that didn’t factor into my creative process. The real challenge for me this week ended up being illustrating the PFD’s themselves as I am good at drawing nor have any training. I ended up using a lot of shape tools and masking to overcome my lack of freehand ability and was happy with how things turned out. I came out finishing this weeks assignment proud of my image that was 100% created by me with no outside graphics or photos. It gave me some new confidence to build on going forward.

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