Week 7 Reflection

I really liked the ACE model covered this week because it caused me to sort of take a few deep breaths and take the design process a bit slower this week. The fact that ACE integrates the PAT model means that if you follow it correctly your image really will go a long way in aiding the learning process. Using ACE to guide my design process definitely improved my final image and it is something I will reference going forward.  I felt that design principles were definitely on my mind this week. This  resulted in me creating something that I think will truly  facilitate my learners in their cognitive processes of selection and organization. This week I really saw myself bringing together all we have learned so far to create my image. Not only did principles build a foundation but I noticed there was purposeful use of space, typography, and shapes finding its way into my images during the create phase that I hadn’t planned for during my analysis phase.

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One Response to Week 7 Reflection

  1. Tae Jeon says:

    Your cognitive process of utilizing ACE with all the principles and models identified in the text book is exactly right.

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