Week 6 Reflection

This week I became determined to actually complete my Shapes assignment using Fireworks CS5. I started out in Photoshop but soon decided I wouldn’t get the image quality I wanted because after scaling things I kept getting edges that were blurrier than I liked. I came to realize this was because Photoshop uses Raster images as opposed to Vector images. So I then started over in Fireworks as the Vector images are designed to be scalable. It took a lot longer for me to get my images done in Fireworks and I am still not good with the pen tool and altering paths, but I am at least feeling more comfortable. What is great is just how scalable the images are after creating them in fireworks.  Regardless of whatever size I may end up needing for my Unit the images will adapt. I also was able to incorporate some new typography knowledge into the assignment which was nice.

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