RSS Feeds

When it comes to RSS feeds, I have had very little experience up until now. Having recently begun to experiment with them however, I can definitely envision their potential in the classroom. One possible use I can think of would be allowing students and their parents to subscribe to an RSS feed that gives homework or assignment information. This would give students who can’t make it to class an easy way to find out what they are missing. It would also ensure parents of younger students knew what their son or daughter was responsible for homework or project wise. An RSS feed could also be used to share important classroom news like safety concerns, major events, or extra curricular activities with the entire class or school.

For me personally, knowing how to use RSS will allow me to disseminate all the information from my favorite blogs and news sites more easily. As my list of bookmarks continues to grow, it gets more and more time consuming to browse all the sites I am interested in on a daily basis. Having these sites all feeding their stories into something like Google Reader allows me to find the stories I am actually interested in much faster.

Below is a link to my Google Reader shared items page.

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