My name is Forrest Doud. I am a currently a Financial Aid Officer at the Art Institute of California Hollywood. The majority of my work consists of advising and educating prospective students, current students, and their parents in the area of financial aid. I am simultaneously  responsible for communicating regulatory, policy, and technical updates within my department as well as providing one on one or group training.

The two biggest passions in my life are education and technology. My goals in the EDTECH  program are twofold. First, I want to maximize my ability to educate through the use of technology. I also seek to discover the best method by which to educate an audience regarding technology itself. Through completion of these goals I hope to make a career change into the area of course development. My ultimate goal is to create my own business focused on adult education.

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2 Responses to Introduction

  1. John Thompson says:

    Hi, Forrest. Hollywood has to be preferred to a lot of places this winter, including where I am outside Buffalo, NY. Cold here! But sunny today. Are you contemplating a minor/major career shift what you finish your BSU master’s program?

    • forrestdoud says:

      The weather is definitely a bit warmer out here right now so I definitely feel lucky! I am looking to get into the teaching and course development side of things after I am finished with this program. My time spent working in the education field has been in administrative and advising roles so I am hoping to branch out into exciting new areas.

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